About the Global Pioneer

The Global Pioneer was inspired by a number of individuals who believe that our pursuit of happiness ultimately leads to complete self-reliance and individual freedom. Entrepreneurship allows us to discover and gain self-reliance through utilizing resources, taking calculated risks, and building relationships. I have concluded that international trading, by nature, allows individuals to gain self-reliance by focusing on a business that starts with diversification of assets, risks, and business. Oh and don’t forget, you also get to explore!

About James

I’m a California native and am currently settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Like many others, I am trying to become a location independent entrepreneur but by a route less taken, through international importing and exporting.

I have absolutely zero experience in importing and exporting – so you will be able to follow me from square one. Paired with this blog is currently a bi-weekly podcast that interviews those currently in the field. I hope that the blog and podcast can serve as a great tool for you should you already be involved in international trading or not.


Hello! Did you want to leave some feedback or say hello? Feel free to do so here! I’m always looking to improve my blog by any means possible. If you know someone that may be able to help us all learn, let me know, I’d love to give them a shout. Thanks and talk to you soon.

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