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Exporting American Branded Products with Vadim Fiddle

Vadim Fiddle Exporting American Branded Goods facebook Follow LinkedIn Follow Podcast Summary In this podcast, Vadim Fiddle talks about his experiences in business prior to getting involved in international trade. He than speaks about how he saw an opportunity in trade and how he had to grind to make things happen. Vadim also shares a wealth of knowledge regarding business philosophy and business models. You must do business with people who share the same philosophy as you I don't measure success by the amount of money I make, but by the number of lives I help...

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Why Importing and Exporting?

  I had made a few trips out of the country (USA) when I realized that the only reason I came back to the states was because I ran out of money. It was then when I decided that I have to do something in order to keep traveling. There are a number of ways that people make money without a 9-5. At first, I was looking into ecommerce (an online business) because of the flexibility I would have and I knew I would be able to take my laptop with me and work wherever I went. I have read much about...

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Currently involved with ecommerce n the midst of transitioning to International Importing & Exporting. This site was intended to help others to learn about international business, ecommerce, and business hacks!

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